Where and How Do I Sell Copper Scrap?

Looking for the best price for copper wire scrap in Melbourne? Selling your copper scrap is a very lucrative way to quickly make some extra money, as it’s among the most valuable and in demand metals in the scrap metal industry. Selling your copper scrap to a reputable copper recycling company will ensure you get the best price per kilo.

Why You Should Contact a Copper Recycling Company

Anyone who has thought about selling their copper wire scrap will benefit from the fair prices and substantial profit they can make when they contact a respectable copper recycling company. These companies hire experts who have vast knowledge of all types of copper products. With their guidance and expertise, you can make a decent amount of money from your old copper scrap that you no longer need.

Reasons Why Copper Scrap is Valuable

  • It’s a malleable metal that’s easy to work with and recyclable
  • It does not easily rust or corrode
  • It’s an excellent conductor for both heat and electricity
  • Copper can be merged with other types of metal to form alloys that will strengthen the metal’s key properties

What Determines the Price of Copper?

The price of copper wire scrap will vary based on the going price in the industry, the state the copper is in, how clean it is, and other factors. You should do some research on how much copper is being sold for per kilo prior to taking your copper scrap to a local metal scrap yard. A reputable copper recycling company will keep up to date with the latest copper scrap prices and know how much specific types of copper are worth in order to provide you with a fair price.

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