scrap metalAfter a scrap metal company has completed a scrap metal pick up job, they can repeatedly melt down various types of metals and use them over again without compromising on strength or durability. Metal recycling services are provided to ensure these natural resources are reused rather than being mined again. But what types of metal scrap can be recycled and used again? This guide will explain which scrap metals are valuable commodities.


Aluminium can be recycled again and again without any of its original qualities being lost. Recycling scrap aluminium saves energy, natural resources and landfill space while also reducing pollution. In fact, recycled aluminium can be reused as a new product as soon as 60 days after it was originally recycled. Recycled aluminium can be used to make soft drink and alcohol cans, window frames and many other useful items.

Stainless Steel

Many steel mills will primarily use scrap metal to manufacture new steel items. Most steel items contain between 25% and 100% recycled steel sourced from metal recycling services. Recycled stainless steel is commonly used to manufacture items such as refrigerators, ovens, sinks, dishwashers, cans and other items.


Brass recycling is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective process. Recycled brass can be used to make locks, doorknobs, gears, zippers, musical instruments and much more.


Copper is one of the most valuable and coveted metals in the scrap metal sector. This is due to its ability to be recycled without rusting or corroding easily. It can also be mixed with other metals and used as a conductor for heat and electricity.


Nickel is a valuable non-ferrous metal due to its beneficial physical and chemical properties. Such properties include its strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, magnetic properties and catalytic properties. Nickel is usually used to manufacture stainless steel, coins, rechargeable batteries, electric guitar strings and other items.

Non-Recyclable Metals

  • Lead-containing products (e.g. cathode ray tubes found in TVs and computer monitors)
  • Radioactive metals (e.g. uranium and plutonium)
  • Mercury or objects containing mercury

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