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How Scrap Metal Recycling Boosts the Environment

We are becoming increasingly aware of our effects on the environment. Humanity is causing ice caps to melt, seas to become devoid of fish, and other animals are ingesting our pollution and our plastics. So how do these issues relate to scrap metal recycling? Well, brass, copper and aluminium recycling are greatly beneficial for the planet.

Recycling is a word that gets bandied about a lot. What it actually means is that materials for recycling are reprocessed and reused to prevent them going into household or industrial dumps for rubbish. Therefore, by being reused, these materials help lower greenhouse gas emissions and landfill volumes. Landfill is the practice of burying waste in the ground, and it can have negative impacts on the people, animals and plant-life near landfills.

Ways that Scrap Metal Recycling Helps the Environment

Here are some ways that you can help the planet through participating in scrap metal recycling in your local city or town:

You can:

  • Keep your metals out of landfill
  • Reduce dumped cars and appliances in natural areas
  • Lower the pollution for animals in natural habitats
  • Stop elevating greenhouse gas production
  • Reuse resources so there’s less waste
  • Be financially compensated for your responsible metal disposal

What Metals Can Be Recycled?

Some of the most common metals that are good for recycling include:

Brass Recycling

Brass recycling is handy because there are many household items which you may no longer want which contain brass. Ornamental items such as candlesticks, plates and trophies could be made of brass. Similarly, you could own brass door handles and knockers as well as bed frames.

Scrap Copper Recycling

A common household metal that is highly regarded by scrap metal companies, copper can often be found as components in electrical appliances or in old plumbing. If you’re thinking of throwing out an appliance or two, or if you’ve had a plumbing upgrade, you may have excess copper on your hands that you can be compensated for.

Aluminium Recycling

Aluminium isn’t just used for canned tomatoes or soft drink cans; it can also be found in old electronic devices like computers and gaming consoles, as well as car parts and bike frames. If you’re in doubt about whether you can recycle a metal item, there’s no harm in bringing it down to the scrap yard to find out.

Want to Help Yourself and the Environment?

When you participate in scrap metal recycling, you’re not only being financially rewarded – you can also sleep well knowing you’ve done your bit for the environment by recycling your metal waste. It really is the most responsible way of getting rid of your metals that you no longer need. If we can help you by compensating you for a good deed, please call us on (03) 9728 4074.

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