Cash for Old Cars in Melbourne

Typically, you’ll find that there are two types of ‘old cars’. There are the classic examples of the vintage era that have been lovingly restored and maintained by enthusiasts, and then there are the cars that are Just Plain Old. At Best Way Scrap Metal, we believe there simply aren’t enough old car removals in Melbourne for the latter type.

Cash for Old Cars Melbourne

Just Plain Old vehicles are best described as those that are just sitting in the driveway or backyard, possibly with a few dents and scratches, probably rusted inside and out. Owners of these unwanted cars in Melbourne often can’t even give away their vehicles for spare parts, let alone sell them.

At Best Way Scrap Metal, we love these vehicles so much that we’ll happily give cash for old cars in Melbourne. Sell your old car for cash and help us remove one more rust bucket from existence.

Old Car Removal Made Easy

Best Way Scrap Metal offers convenient old car removal in Melbourne. We service the entire metropolitan region and will happily accept all vehicles no matter what their make, model, age or condition. We use these cars for scrap metal and guarantee that every vehicle is recycled in a responsible manner to prevent any harmful impact on the environment.

If you never thought you’d get any cash for your old car, get in touch with Best Way Scrap Metal and see what we can do for you. Call us now on (03) 9728 4074 or email In addition to old car removals, we also specialise in scrap metal removals, aluminium recycling in Melbourne and more – enquire today!

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